Monday, May 18, 2015

vegetarian options at fast food places

this past weekend, my friends and i went to a flume concert and decided to make a pit stop at the nearby in n out. seeing it was like a glowing, safe haven because it's been forever since i last enjoyed an in n out burger. my friend's boyfriend mentions that they offer a vegetarian version of their burgers, which baffled me because, even though i am aware of their secret menu, it's very rare that i go to a fast food restaurant that has vegetarian options. of course, this burger is stuffed with the vegetable fixings and excludes the meat. so we debate if we can ever enjoy living a meatless life, and really we're all veracious meat eaters. but that itself made me contemplate of other fast food restaurants that could possibly offer meatless versions of their most popular, meat-filled items.
i personally work with a food group that collaborates with the owners of the boardwalk, and i found it laughable when someone requested a taco without the meat in it. i remarked "it would be like a salad in a taco shell, do you really want that?" and he quickly changed his ordered to a bean and cheese burrito. not that the vegetarian lifestyle or not being able to eat certain meats due to religion, personal beliefs, etc. is a bad thing. i wish i could enjoy a life sustained by only eating vegetables (i would be so much healthier and wouldn't feel guilty of myself when exposed to "food inc." like images). does McD's have similar options with their burgers?
like major thumbs up to in n out for doing that.

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  1. According to their website, many of McDs menu items can be customized to not include meat, but they don't have certified vegetarian options right now. It's also important to remember that we live in a postmodern consumer capitalist society, and it is possible that In n Out might not be showing their consideration for animal life by having vegetarian options on their menu.

    I feel as though the presence of vegetarian items on fast food menus has the exact opposite effect on animal rights: by having access to a vegetarian target audience and an otherwise unavailable range of income, franchises like In n Out increase their profits and are able to both continue and expand their industry (which is absolutely and irrefutably founded on death). One could argue that any such establishment, whose primary source of income is the sale of meat products, is fundamentally opposed to animal rights simply because their continued existence requires present and future animal sacrifice.