Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animals and human clothing

Saw this pic on tumblr and wanted to know what you guys thought about people placing human clothes on dogs? And other animals. Also, why do you think some people feel compelled to put unnecessary clothing on their pets? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? 

I for one think it's not the greatest thing. I mean, it seems like it's more beneficial for the human rather than the animal. It's like we're trying to make them more like something they aren't...human. When I first saw this pic, I immediately laughed and if it were two months ago, I probably would've scrolled past this pic but now I view this sort of pic differently because of this class. It's like we're constraining the animal. Anyways, I know my comments all over the place but so are my feelings with this pic.


  1. I think it depends on the circumstance. I don't think that it's that cute to dress up an animal in a stupid outfit for our viewing pleasure (I'm talking mostly halloween costumes here); most of the time animals hate it and want to get out immediately. It's incredibly demeaning and makes animals out to be a mere object of amusement to gawk at than an actual living thing. That being said, however, I own a little half poodle-half bichon at home who doesn't otherwise shiver unless it's really cold and enjoys a sweater during the winter (at least I think he enjoys it, he doesn't seem to care and stops shivering with it on). He also sleeps near someone and is provided with a blanket when he needs it. But yes, animals wearing clothing can be hilarious but that doesn't mean I don't feel really guilty about it!

    1. I definitely think your situation is reasonable Chelsea. But yea the halloween costumes or dressing them up for shits and giggles is demeaning and wrong.

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