Saturday, May 30, 2015

Human interference with wild animals

This article is about a bear cub who can now no longer be in the wild due to human interference. It was found wandering campsites in Oregon looking for food. The bear cub looked very malnourished and confused, and they think that this is due to humans trying to feed him and interact with him. The wildlife officials say that even though baby bears are super cute, they really belong in the wild and if a human takes them in or feeds them, it will be difficult, if not impossible, for the cub to be reunited with its mother. Many bear cubs each spring have to be taken to zoos because they cannot function on their own. Here's the article for more information:

Here's the link:

This made me think about the squirrels on campus and how their interactions with humans have shaped them. I don't know much about how squirrels were before they came in contact with humans, but I think it's interesting how brave they are- I've been inches away from them before they scurry away. I would think that this behavior can't be good for their chances of survival, but they're still everywhere.

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