Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Video the Poultry Industry Doesn't Want You To See

Hello all,
I just recently signed a petition to fight for food education. Because of this, I get numerous emails about healthy eating and animal rights. I also wrote on Plutarch's "The Eating Of Flesh" for our laster paper, so this post seemed appropriate. I just recently got a email with a link to a video that stated: "Help Pamela Anderson End Horrific Animal Abuse"... I attached the video here. This video is hard to watch, I just want to give you a warning. It shows how poultry are treated in the food industry, and it's not fun to watch. She urges us to sign the petition against animal abuse.
For more info, check out this website. And if you're interested, I linked the video below. Also, while watching and reading, think about the most recent texts we've been reading for class. Do you see any similarities between our texts and this website (and video)?
Let's make a difference in our society, one animal at a time!

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  1. Thank you for posting the video. I think this is a very important topic and many adolescents definitely need to be educated on this. I don't like that children don't have the option to chose if they want to eat meat or not because the person who cooks in their household will usually make that decision. What i've noticed a lot from working with children around 6 years old is that they do question why people eat certain animals and not others. The worst part is that most of the children who question it are mocked into being silent. This can be true for many things and I definitely agree that food education should be taken more seriously and the meat factories need to be less secretive about the horrible conditions they have the animals in. They are clearly trying to hide the abuse.