Monday, May 4, 2015

Animals Rights

Today's lecture got me thinking about the documentary 'Blackfish'. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend watching it. (For those of you who uncomfortable with watching films about animal mistreatment this is not the worst in the world. It's much easier to stomach than something like Food Inc. but it comes with the territory.) The documentary confronts issues of animals mistreatment, abuse, and the consequences of captivity. Specifically, it focuses on Killer Whales and Sea World. I'm not sure if any of you have noticed but Sea World has been facing a lot of backlash recently around their treatment of animals, some of which I think stemmed from the film's critiques. Here's a link to the trailer, the full documentary should be on Netflix but I haven't checked recently to see if it's still there.

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  1. That's interesting that you bring it up because I recently came across this picture

    and it says that Ringling Brothers are to retire their Asian elephant herd to a conservation site by 2018.

    It is definitely a step in the right direction if a company, 145 years strong in including elephant acts, is putting a stop to them and emphasizing conservation. It does say, however, that their animal acts won't cease altogether because they still have performances including lions, tigers, dogs, horses and camels. Exploiting animals is not right, and it seems that they only pay the problem a mind if endangerment is involved. So does it take an species to be close to extinction for people to finally pay attention to them?