Friday, May 1, 2015

Animal Intelligence

I have attached the video "Smart Pigs vs Kids- Extraordinary Animals- Series 2- Earth" and it is a study based on the intelligence of a six week old pig. The pig is being tested on whether or not it can determine how to find a bowl of food that can only be seen through the reflection of a mirror. It only took the pig a few hours to finally figure out that to get to the bowl of food, it needed to walk around a barrier to the other side to get the food.

Another pig was tested by seeing how long it would take in order for it to score a soccer ball into a goal. It did so very easily compared to the children who were tested. The pig was 18 months old and performed the task with relative ease, while the 2 and 3-year-old children could not succeed in doing the task.

I thought that these tests that the scientists were performing on the piglets and children were related to the Descartes and Montaigne discussion we had in Section today. The pigs are being tested on their levels of intelligence and being compared to the children. I believe that in this study, the pigs are being posed more to side with Montaigne's view because they are being argued to have very high levels of intelligence for being so young.

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