Sunday, May 17, 2015

Go team go!

As i was sitting beside my family watching a sports special on ESPN this weekend, i could not help but notice how even in littlest aspects of our lives in society we give appraisal to animals. Sports teams' names are named after the symbol of Bulls, Sharks, Ravens, Cubs, Panthers, Tigers, just to amongst many others. We take on these forms to embody the strength and endurance that is the animal that the team represents, same with school mascots from grade school and so forth. I think it's interesting to note since we are constantly looking at ourselves as humans looking down towards animals, but we embody their titles for our own fulfillment when titling ourselves in games and sports. It may be because that's the go-to thing to do and we don't know any better, but i think it's interesting because it sheds some light on animals and how we view their abilities in a way that we are willing to embody them as beings who are much more stronger and powerful that us. Just a thought that i had!

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