Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hey all,

In section today, we talked about slaughtering animals and how it's necessary to make the process more ethical for the animal rather than taking an abolitionist stance on animal rights. While I thought that yes, the process of killing animals should definitely be more ethical, I also wanted to ask whether or not humans have the right to take on this role. What are your thoughts on the role humans play as owners and determiners of these animals lives and well being?


  1. Well since humans already feel like they have a right to breed, raise and slaughter animals for selfish and consuming reasons, I think they should actively try to make the process more fair towards animals. Since our society eat heavy amounts of meat and rely on the industry, I don't think it would be a simple task to completely stop the factories and therefore should turn to looking at their options and giving animals more freedom and a better life. In Bio 20C we are taking about relationships between organisms actually and the professor mentioned how resources are a major fact that determines the abundance, and diversity of different species in the same community. Since humans seem to think that our resources are unlimited, we are hurting our species because it takes a big amount of food to feed these cows on farms and the food is taken from places where the people are in desperate need of food, in order to feed cows, to feed the top rich percent of the population. We are hurting our environment, other species, and our own species by continuing to support the practices of meat factories.

  2. I believe that we as humans should be taking the responsibility to make the process of slaughtering animals as peaceful and painless as possible. Since we live in a society where eating meat is typically viewed as a norm, I do not see the practice of slaughtering and raising of animals for the sole purpose of future slaughtering to end anytime soon. Also, we humans should be actively pursuing a better scenario for slaughtering because we are the only species with the knowledge/resources to find the best possible method of slaughtering for both us and the animals.