Friday, May 29, 2015

Thinking like Animals

In yesterday's section we talked about "thinking like animals," and if we were able to do so what could we do to help benefit animals? In my group, we discussed a variety of animal groups and what we could possibly do to help them. But then one of my group members started to talk about the conditions at animal shelters. She volunteers at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter, and she was explaining the conditions that the animals live in. They are not horrible conditions, but they are not the best.

Since a majority of the animals that are taken in are house pets we thought it would be cool to start up a Doggy Spa. The dogs would have free space to roam around, and they would not have to be caged up in cinder block rooms with the cold floor. The dogs could have little sound-proof rooms that made them feel comfortable and safe. Ideally, it would be supported by the community because they would be helping out the animals around here. The vets, could be volunteer and the actual volunteers could be high school students looking to complete service hours, and what better way to do it than to help out your local community and animals?

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