Monday, May 11, 2015

Brother Bear vs. Black Beauty

So reading Black Beauty reminded me of a childhood favorite movie of mine: "Brother Bear". The difference between Black Beauty and "Brother Bear" is that we are only shown the horse's perspective on life, but in "Brother Bear", Kenai, the protagonist of the movie, is a man who becomes a bear after killing one, which is a major violation of the law of nature in the movie, as the bear was his assigned spirit animal. He is then forced to live and act like a bear in his efforts to be turned back into a human, but as this is happening, he realizes that bears are not the man-eating, village destroying monsters he and all his fellow villagers believed them to be. It reminded me of Black Beauty  because it allowed the reader/viewer to attempt to understand the perspective of an animal that we just think is a mindless machine. It is a beautiful movie that makes me shed a tear every time (no shame), also Phil Collins and Tina Turner are on the soundtrack to this movie, who doesn't love Phil Collins and Tina Turner.

So here's the theatrical trailer for the movie (which came out in 2003), note that a phrase that is said by the narrator is to "see through another's eyes", which is what we're doing with Black Beauty.

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