Friday, May 1, 2015

Feminism and Animal Rights

The more this class progresses, the more I have found ties between feminism and animal rights. Women, like animals, are treated as subsidiaries by men. They are demeaned to be lesser, and are often portrayed as objects, only there for a man's gaze and consumption (whether it be physical or sexual consumption). Both women and animals are subject to that penetrating male gaze and made subsequently into objects, only there for a male's visceral pleasure.

I found this video online (linked below) which I think highlights how the media treats women and how women are objectified. In the following video, How the Media Failed Women in 2013, it includes elements such as a severed female torso being used to advertise a video game, the women's breasts clearly the highlight of the ad. This video also includes a Carl's Junior advertisement, again bringing about the parallels between women and animals and women and meat.

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