Wednesday, May 20, 2015

dogs love us!

when considering the animal, we think of primitive creatures incapable of emotional depth. whether animals do have the capacity to feel the emotional level that humans do is debatable, however scientists have recently looked into the bond between dog and human to discover that dogs really do love humans on a chemical level. oxycotin is a chemical responsible for feelings of love and closeness, and is released when a dog gazes into a humans' eyes. this eye contact also provokes the chemical to be released within the human body as well; thereafter both parties build off this mutual feeling of love and create an even deeper, loving bond.

i hope this bit of info was cool to all those dog lovers and owners. on a grand scale, this provides further proof that animals aren't just hollow creatures fueled by basic instincts! they experience emotions, just like humans, and should be allowed the same nurture and care that we humans give each other (:

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