Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Sexual Politics of Meat

I chose to write my fourth paper on the Sexual Politics of Meat, and it made me think so much about the society we live in. Before I read this paper, I had never considered the sexist undertones of meat-eating. However, while reading, instances in my own life popped into my head that related to the piece. I noticed how my dad eats meat lunch and dinner almost everyday, while my mom often opts for a salad for lunch. The older I have gotten, the less meat I eat, but I had never considered that to be a cultural reaction to male and female roles.

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  1. It may be more of a subconscious thing that men eat more meat than women. I don't think anyone wakes up with the thought "oh I must assert my manliness by consuming animals!" But I do think that advertising has pushed society in a way that makes it true. At the same time, I think we are becoming more aware of how advertising influences us that we actively try to resist it. And eventually we'll look back at this time as a thing of history.