Monday, June 8, 2015

White God: Dogs and their relationship with us

So I think Professor Freccero briefly mentioned this movie in class many weeks ago, but I thought I would leave a link here!

The movie White God came out this year, and it is about a girl and her dog. The girl moves in with new family member (for reasons I don't know yet, as I have not seen the movie), and with her comes her dog. The issue is that the dog is a mixed breed, and in the country that the girl lives in, a mixed breed dog is illegal. As a result, the family member dumps the dog on the street, and the girl is heartbroken. We then see this dog and other mutts, and how they are treated in this city (I believe it is somewhere in France). The dog gets captured, and begins to lead a revolt in the pound. The commercial ends with the girl looking on at her dog, who is flanked by a dog army.

I found it so interesting how there was discrimination within the dog breed community. I know that dogs such as pitbulls have a bad stereotype for being aggressive, but I had no idea that mixed breed dogs were ever an issue. I myself have a mixed breed dog, and could never imagine having to give her up because I don't exactly know where her bloodline is from. I also find it interesting that this dog is able to lead a massive doggy revolt. Can animals revolt? Its interesting that this movie is giving dogs such a traditionally human activity, for humans rally and make their opinions heard. A newscaster in the movie even says that "these dogs aren't acting like animals anymore, but in a well-organized manner". What if the dogs of the world thought "enough."? I guess thats what this movie is here to answer:

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