Friday, June 5, 2015

Maroon 5 - Animals

Hello all. I wanted to share the Maroon 5's video of "Animals". I had not seen it before but I had heard the song. When I saw the video I related a lot of the symbolism that they used with concepts that we've discussed in lecture and class. What I thought was very interesting and what caught my eye was how the half carcass of the pig was somewhat representative of the women in the video. I could be wrong, overall I thought it was a more of funny, weird kinda video.


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  2. I just watched it too--weird stuff. i didn't get the dead pig thing? But they definitely assigned gender roles to the predator-prey relationship. I do not think animal predators hunt a prey solely because they are female, they're just trying to eat. The song says he's 'preying on you tonight' ..'just like animals.' They are making the girl be the defenseless animal, which is pretty annoying. And the whole stalking the girl was creepy!