Friday, June 5, 2015

Teacup Dogs

Animal abuse comes in many different forms, even if it is unintentionally. Have you ever heard of the teacup dogs? Well, if not, these dogs are tiny dogs that can fit in a teacup, hence the name. They generally weight two to four pounds, and they never usually live past three or four years old. The fact that people breed dogs in order to end up this way is cruel and terrible, almost terrifying if thought about more deeply. Teacup dogs are created when puppies are born prematurely and malnourished, but why? Small dogs that can fit in the palm of your hand are popular and adorable according to some owners. But these dogs face problems with their heart and digestion.
Cute, but unnecessary. If you want a dog or any type of, you should love him or her regardless of looks and size!

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  1. I remember in my senior year of biology my teacher showed us a documentary about dog eugenics and the negative ramifications of traditional dog breeding practices. It was pretty old and it was on DVD so chances of finding it online are very slim, but at one point they were talking about the King Charles Spaniel and how that breed gets this kind of genetic defect where its skull is too small for its brain, and the pressure causes frequent seizures for its whole life. Honestly...selective breeding is just flat-out gross.