Saturday, June 6, 2015

Weird Animal Grooming

I don't know if you have seen the pictures lately of the Japanese grooming thats been done on poodles to make their fur in the shape of a square, but hold onto your seats folks because here is something that is even more ridiculous:

Now, as crazy as these pictures of grooming may be, i find it quite difficult to stop myself from asking "Why?". It's sad to think that we are putting these animals under this form of humiliation and using them as our own personal canvases in order to pursue our own artistic desires. Not only are we shaving them, but we're dyeing their coats and gluing things onto their bodies, which i doubt is even good for them, and for what? To compete against other artistically competitive pet groomers? This just adds to the fact that we treat animals in any way that we choose because they are not required to give us consent, but i highly doubt that they would be willing to allow us to do this to them. It's as if we are just using them for our own fulfillment and satisfaction, and that's just wrong. I'm curious to see what you all think about the pictures!

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