Friday, June 5, 2015

Animal Abuse and the Public's Response

After watching the Animal Liberation Front's video during class, I came to remember that I actually went to watch an animals' rights video during winter quarter with a friend. It was an interesting documentary, and I actually was too horrified to watch certain parts of it due to its graphic content. What was strange was that the people who were hosting this event paid each person who attended the movie five dollars. When thinking about it, most people generally do not want to watch the abuse of animals hence the people paying people to watch the movie. It makes me wonder why we allow animal abuse to continue when we barely can watch it.

Here's the full documentary if you're interested!

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  1. I feel like their reason to paying people to watch the video is because they want the message of stopping animal abuse and cruelty to get out their. They probably want more people involved in becoming vegetarian and to stop eating meat permanently. They feel like the only way they are going to get an audience is by paying them to come and watch it. I do not agree with how they payed people to come and watch a heartbreaking video. I mean I get they need an audience but is it really necessary to pay someone to watch a video. Plus I feel like some of the people who showed up did not even care about what message the video was trying to send. They probably only cared about the five bucks they got and what they were going to spend it on.