Friday, June 5, 2015

Plants are alive as well

The reason why some people become vegetarian is because they are against eating animals. Yes animals have similar physical features like humans. They are alive with a heart, brain, and other organs as humans have. They can feel emotion like we can as well. It makes perfect sense to feel terrible to eat any sort of meat from an animal but shouldn't we also feel terrible about eating plants. Plants are alive as well, they just have different physical and emotional features than humans or animals do. They are a different species but they still have feelings. They just demonstrate their feelings in a different way. A way that might not be visible to us. But see if we don't eat plants or animals what is left to eat? Everyone has to live somehow.

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  1. I'm not vegetarian or vegan myself, but I do have family who do fall under this classification category. I asked my grandma about this, but she never actually gave me an answer. So, I turned to another family member. My uncle tells me that he is a vegetarian mainly due to religious beliefs as he is Buddhist. He believes in reincarnation and the soul. From what I've talked to him about, generally, we do not reincarnate into plants and therefore, it is not necessarily wrong to eat plants. But I do agree with the point that plants may have feelings, but it may just be different than what we consider emotions and feelings in our framework.