Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Dilemma with Big Zoos

Of course, someone may argue that zoos serve as cages for animals and prevent them from being free, but what about zoos like San Diego Wild Animal Park that provide large atmospheres and space for animals to live naturally? One could argue that they shouldn't exist due to allowing humans to interact with animals, thus ruining the true nature of prey-predatory instinct between humans and specific animals that animals feel. Another argument is that they help endangered animals by providing them food and security. A problem with this is that the animal doesn't get its own food, thus becoming lazy and losing its true nature. Imagine a bear that didn't have to fish for its food. It would be less muscular due to not putting in as much work, and would rely more on others instead of knowing how to survive. Do you believe Wild Animal Park helps animals more than it harms their true nature?

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