Friday, June 5, 2015

Different animals taste like chicken

A lot of people love to eat chickens! The chicken industry has produced over a million chickens a week. That is a lot of chickens! There are many other animal species that taste like chicken as well. Like I've heard some people say that alligator tastes like chicken. Anthony Bourdain (a man who travels the world to try different foods) he said in one of his shows that Armadillo tastes like chicken. I have tried rabbit before and it tasted like chicken. If all of these different animals taste like chicken why do we slaughter so many chickens? Why can't we eat the animal species that taste like chicken? I would say it is probably because the population of the other animal species is very low compared to the population of chickens. Maybe one day someone will find a recipe that just contains plants, that will taste like chicken. Then we can stop slaughtering all chickens!

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