Monday, June 8, 2015

How Animals Eat Their Food

If you haven't seen this video yet, you're welcome.  We've discussed in section human's conceptualizing what the perspective of an animal based purely off of our interpretation of them.
(Black Beauty, Temple Grandin, Axolotl, etc.)  This video is a slightly exaggerated version of that topic in how these guys say animals indeed eat their food.  One of the exercises we did in section was to imagine we were an animal and what would be do with the knowledge of that animal.  I think an interesting concept in reverse to this video would be how animals think people eat their food.  Of course its not possible for non human animals to create a video like that alone but how do you think it would be constructed?  Also if animals were to understand this video do you think they would agree with the ways that these men interpret how animals eat their food?  Not only is this video hilarious but after talking about animal perspectives in class I view this video in a different way and it makes me think.

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