Friday, June 5, 2015

Take a break from finals! Cat video!

Hi all,

Clearly, I'm not quite studying for finals, but I did come across a fairly entertaining cat video on youtube and decided that I should share with all ya'll so we can destress together.

Anyhow, of course, this video is adorable, but I also thought that it was interesting in terms of anthropomorphization. I found that the humor that is depicted in these videos are most effective when the viewers anthropomorphize the cats as behaving congruent to our current modern culture. Clearly, the cats have no idea what they're doing, yet they allow their human partners to film them and control their actions. It is also interesting that the human filmer edits and creates these videos heavily based on our current culture as well, rather than depicting cats based on the cats' point of view of the world. I also found that this video is interesting in terms of how house cats have adapted into living in a human household - climbing on stairs, climbing into toilets, interacting with machines. This also raises the question, is it possible that it's not only humans who are cyborgs, but also their house companions such as cats and dogs?  Regardless, this video is funny, good luck on finals everyone!

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  1. It's kind of interesting to watch cats react to our environment because in a sense they don't think its our world but more of their world. They see as larger versions of themselves...that lack coordination and any type of sense (we probably seem crazy to them but who knows!).