Monday, June 8, 2015

Autism and Animals

I came across this article discussing whether or not people with autism think in similar ways that animals do.  We discussed in section about Temple Grandin and her claim that being autistic allows her to share a strong empathy with animals and understand them better then those without autism.  As I mentioned in class, my younger brother Ryan has aspergers (autism) and he never seemed to express a similar connection with animals as Grandin did.  Prior to reading this article I did not agree with her claim that autistic people think similarly to animals because that's a very broad statement and there are different severities to autism.  I do think its possible for Grandin to be able to do so but I think autistic people are all very different and use their minds in different ways.  Grandin's main focus just happens to be animals.  The author addresses a case study done that actually disagree with Grandin's claim and say, "You may find some animals are autistic but it's not characteristic of animals in general."
The author also addresses contradiction in Grandin's claims about lacking verbal language which I also agree with because obviously she doesn't have problems speaking at all, just expressing herself.

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