Sunday, June 7, 2015


I previously figured out what this invention was when i took BME-80G!

It is called Shmeat: short for Shit Meat (sorry for the word use)... I'm not completely sure why they called it this -- the name isn't very relevant.

Anyways, this Shmeat is a new lab grown meat that takes some type of cow serum, uses stem cells from cows, and recreates meat.

These pieces of meat are grown in petri dishes using in vitro fertilization: a method used to reproduce stem cells outside of a body.

Long story short: Researchers have figured a way to grow a piece of meat like this (and this technology is only becoming more efficient and more cost-efficient).

Although Shmeat may take a couple of years or even a decade to hit the food markets, the possibilities this meat brings is immense!

When you don't kill animals for their meat, but still have meat!?!?! Does this mean vegans will continue to be "vegan" when they eat Shmeat? Will vegans go down? Will meat eating be for everyone (and not just the high-class, white males -- according to Carol J. Adams). Will this kill the idea of moral righteousness as it pertains to consuming meats? Who knows... However, what is clear ALREADY is this:

from meat to Shmeat =

45% overall less energy use, 99% land use, 96% water use, and 96% greenhouse gas emissions! (this is pertinent to the production of meat vs. Shmeat not in the entire world).

Also, we can take out bacteria and disease that could lay waste to the meat we eat today!

All we need is time now. Maybe there is hope for animals and humans to live happily together while we still eat them!

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