Thursday, April 16, 2015

Sexual Politics of Meat

After our discussion in section I was thinking about I was thinking about how often we see meat sexualized. I thought back to ads that I have seen. I am blown away by the absurdity of these ads. Every single one of these ads perpetuates the stereotype that meat and women and purely for the consumption of men. I focus on ads, because our generation is bombarded by them constantly. This worries me because this means these stereotypes are being driven into the heads of our society every day hundreds of times.

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  1. I agree with this. Last quarter I took a class titled CRES (Critical Race and Ethics Studies) and it showed how female bodies are often sexualized for the consumption of men and now it's interesting that we are relating many of the same commercials to the meat industry. The ads target the privileged upper class most often men, because they know they sell the most to them and very often it is not seen how it affects societies expectations of animals and females. This sends signals to men that animals are here for their consumption only and females are objects to attract their attention.