Monday, April 20, 2015

Animals and Politics: Carls Jr. Advertisement

Carls Junior, known for it's big, juicy burgers has found that just advertisement a meat patty isn't enough to compete with other big name fast food restaurants.  This video is a collaboration of Carls Junior's attempts to appeal to a predominately male audience through sexualizing their products with attractive female models.  It is argued in Animal and Politics that meat is a masculine food, therefore these women are used to complement the food they are advertisement in a successful and 'sure-fire' way to capture male viewers attention.  What I found most interesting about this collaboration is that in the first commercial with Kim Kardashian the chicken in her salad isn't even the food being most emphasized, it is the apples.  Still, they proceeded to show Kim eating apples in the most sexually and unnecessary way possible.  Even if its not specifically advertising meat, women and their assets are still used as a consistent tool in advertising the food industry.

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