Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Animal Shelters

Hey Everyone!

I work at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter as a clinic volunteer and basically have an in depth sense of a vet office environment. It's been amazing, especially since I want to become a veterinarian and the experience is much appreciated!

Anyways, as a general volunteer of the Animal Shelter itself, I see animals come and go pretty frequently and while it's heartwarming to see animals find their forever homes, it's also sad to know how they got there in the first place. Past owners can be scary sometimes. Owner surrenders are also pretty sad.

When animals come into the shelter, they're put on watch and evaluations before they get put in the adoptable kennels. I don't know what happens to the other animals who don't pass but what I imagine is that they send them to what I've heard around as 'rescue,' but that's just my speculation. The SCCAS is a 'no kill animal shelter', but there have been animals euthenized there, only if it was a medical emergency (I've only seen this with cats myself and these cats were in really really awful condition) and they would be put down in the most humane way.

The clinic I work for has low cost spay and neuter plans and we advocate 'fixing' your animal so as to keep more animals out of the shelters and in homes instead.

My experience with all of the animals at the shelter have been completely positive and each and every dog, bunny, and cat I've ever spent time with there (given they were adoptable) have been sweet and so loving, and in desperate need for affection. If you ever consider owning an animal, please give your local shelters a chance instead of breeders (it encourages them to interbreed for money which is selfish, inhumane and unhealthy for animals) (plus adopting is much much cheaper). Puppy and kitty season are actually a thing too, so there are times in the year you will more likely come upon babies, if that's your thing! Also remember to spay and neuter your pets!

The SCCAS also accepts volunteers all the time so if you're interested, talk to me or go on their website!

See you there~

I feel like I draw a lot of my animal experience with this job so expect more shelter related posts from me!

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