Saturday, April 18, 2015

A different look on animal abuse.

Good morning everyone, 

I came across this article this morning and was very happy to see that these animals were taken from their cages.
It's interesting that in the article they say the animals were taken from this elderly lady who kept them in cages. The situation they were being kept alive in was terrible. They lived in their own feces, had acid burns on their bodies from their own urine. Ten animals were found dead and officials believed it was from starvation.

Towards the end of the article, neighbors of the lady said that she was very kind and even involved in the Humane society for a couple years and the whole fiasco was a big surprise to them. 

I noticed in the comments, someone said that the only animal in this article was the lady and in the context of this class, I do not agree. This shows the separation of animals and humans and how animals are given the negative connotation because humans think they are superior. Yes, the lady, is the wrong one in this situation, but it's even offensive to all animals when they say her act was animalistic. It was not, it was a human characteristic to treat them this way. Not humane, human. 

Would you agree, disagree? Why? 

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