Saturday, April 11, 2015

Genesis I-III: A Different View

Hello Everyone,
I figured that I would change things up a bit and respond to some of the lectures that we've had so far in our Animals in Literature class.
There is one thing that has stood out to me in lecture so far and that is our discussion of Genesis 1-3. In lecture, Professor Freccero talked about these passages in Genesis as giving two different glimpses into the creation of the world. She mentioned that Genesis 1 talks about the world being created and both man and woman being there. Then in Genesis 2 it talks about man being created, and then woman being created from man.

Well, I somewhat disagree with that interpretation. Here is the way that I see it:
In Genesis 1, the reader is given an introduction into the creation of the world. All good stories have an introduction, right? And the Bible is the best story! God is creating light, darkness, space, land, sea, animals, and humans. BAM. Introduction. Genesis 1 just gave us all an overview of God's creation, just like that.
Then we reach Genesis 2. Here, we are given a more in depth view of what was just being introduced in Genesis 1. We weren't told in the first part of Genesis how man or woman was created. This is why Genesis 2 goes into detail of how it happened.
So, I don't believe Genesis gives two different interpretations ... I believe there is an introduction, and a more in depth example of creation.

Also, I know that Professor Freccero discussed the beginning of Genesis as being an origin "myth," and she mentioned that some people take it as a fact. I am one of those people. I completely believe in Creationism and hold firm that God created all that surrounds us, including humans and animals. In class, we were shown a lot of videos about cave men, and cave drawing. Yet, when she got to creationism, we were shown a video that mocked creationism. So for the sake of Christianity, I am giving a link to what Christians truly believe about Genesis. Its an awesome video that will definitely have you thinking.

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